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New Works on the Easel
Here are some of the reference photos. I Like to use a Sony DSC 707 Digital Camera. I know it's getting up there in years, but it is so dependable and does a really top notch job capturing the light. ( having a great model
helps too..Our daughter Gabi is a seasoned pro at tomato picking :)
Like so many other people, I can't imagine a day going by without creating something.  The opportunity to create Art is a Blessing and I am thankful for the chance to share it.

Here a few of my Favorite Artists

Robert Batemanawe inspiring!

John Falato- a master craftsman

Larry Tucci -  a really great guy and Artist

We look forward to Garden Season every year and with great anticipation to Harvest time.  It's such a joy to watch
the kids working along side their Grandfather planting the tomatoes and the basil. Then after watching over and watering them all Summer, the great excitement that comes with finding the first red fruit.  I wanted to create a piece that celebrates the timeless tradition of gardening and the simple joy it brings to a home. I've brushed in the underpainting in umber and seinna- it's a fairly large peice at 36" X 72". I've chosen to work larger to allow me to explore artistic ways of capturing the light, smells, and the peacefullness of gathering tomatoes on a warm September Evening.
It has a long way to go and I will have to put it aside for a bit while I finish current pieces but I plan to have it ready for a
Fall 2013 release. I hope it reminds you of great memories in your Family- wishing you all the best- David
Acrylic on Canvas  / underpainting  /  Harvest Time         36" X 72"
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